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  • ScrollMockUp

Infinite Scroll

For our lesson on public marketing, we had a project on Guerilla Marketing which helped us think of new ways to further publicize our projects in a way that would make a statement. For this project, I focused on the problems of college students and their mental health. This had to do with sleeping habits, healthy eating, and their need for a time to de-stress. We had to come up with an info-graphic, handouts, and a public way to catch the attention of the audience that the project is targeted for. From this project, I learned how to mock-up a real life project in a public place, and how to stack type. I used geometric shapes and colors to tie all of the difference pieces of the project together.

  • FlowerBook
  • FlowerBookMockUp
  • FlowerBookMockUp2
  • FlowerAlphabet

Flower Typeface Book

We were to create four different typefaces all centered around one theme. I chose flowers and nature to create the typefaces. From this theme, we were to make a corresponding book. My design was based off of a Botanical Illustration book and used my drawn typeface as the flower drawings along with a grid.

  • ScrollMockUp

Interval House

A client with the group “Interval House” was looking for an uplifting logo and website design to change the look and feel of their organization. I decided to go with a secure lock logo that also symbolized a hopeful, loving house.

  • Imaginationsbuiltbox
  • CDCaseMockUp

Imagination Built

Using Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, we were to design branding and identity for a given “Discovery Channel” show called “Imaginations Built” which was about architecture. We were to creating the packaging as well as the CD covers and cases. I enjoyed using brightly lit and colored buildings and felt my layout worked well with the idea of growing.

  • DeviceBackground
  • DeviceBackgroundsMultiple

Device Background Designs

Using Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, we were to design four themed device backgrounds to present on an Apple Watch. I chose an oceananic theme and used the idea of bubbles as well as fish sclaes to created detailed pieces that also went together.

  • FrenchHenLogo
  • FrenchHenShirt
  • FrenchHenStationary

French Hen Brand Design

We met with a client to design a new company mark along with the stationary and packaging for the client’s gift shop. We did this using text as sculptural form, hierarchy, and alignment.

  • AppMockUp
  • AllScreens

App Design

For our final project, we are to create a brand new app with the developement of branding personas, wire frames, and a User Flow chart. My app is a central app for all apps and enables you to follow your main friends on multiple sites and view it on one feed.

  • CatchingStarsLogo
  • Bottles
  • BoxDesign

Bottle Design

Using Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign, we were to select a kind of drink and create a new brand. We were to create branding and identity, as well as three different flavors, and the packaging. I decided to design a brand around champagne and call it Catching Stars to symbolize the bubbles in champagne. I chose gold and navy as the base logo to ensure that the stars stood out. Based on our design and branding, we were to create a responsive website.

  • Friend'sLogo
  • Friend'sBookmark

Friend's of the Bloomfield Libraries

A client with the group “Friends of the Bloomfield Public Libraries” found us to design a new and innovative logo that would bring recognition to the organization as well as give an idea of what the group did. This logo was chosen for their final decision and direction.

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